Friday, July 17, 2009

Tripping home..

So we've started the trip home. "Fluffy" the Suburban is riding great and the A/C is bonus because of the heat here in CA.

Since we didn't have the VW any longer we weren't able to stay in Calistoga. Bummer since the cycling there is so great. I guess that's why the cheapest room we could find was $160 a night.

So we walked around a little while visited Calistoga Pottery and then had a great dinner at the Sarafonia Cafe. Portabello Mushroom Sandwich, Onion Rings, and a piece of Apple Pie. Mmmm good stuff.

We drove out to Colusa and are staying in a nice little motel. Tomorrow back toward the studio we go.



Coffee Messiah said...

Hey, too bad about the van, but sounds like selling it was good in the end 4 U.

Yikes, Ca is getting so expensive. I remember when Calistoga was really affordable, but that's going back to the early '70s ; )

Cheers 2 U both!

East said...

Can't wait to see you guys. And meet Fluffy (I'm still pissed, now I'm going to have to name the becca Bambi).

Dogs by Bri said...

Hi CM,

It's so strange how having your own place to stay makes life so much cheaper. It would have helped a little if it had been on a week day instead of a Friday night.

Dogs by Bri said...

Hey Kelsey,

See you in the morning. Oh you poor thing you'll have to name you're rig something funny, now too.

Or you could just leave it named Becca.