Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Legs and Paws


48x36 acrylic on canvas
$6500 plus the cost of shipping in the US to purchase

I worked only a little bit on the floor today, well the floor in the kitchen anyway. I did some more work on the wood floor of the dinning room and then made slight adjustments to Corrine's legs.

I also added tones to Bettini back, plus I reshaped her front paw. I worked from left to right and back again. I kept changing from chair to stool, and then I ended up sitting on the floor to work on the lower left corner.

With the Los Altos Art and Wine show coming up I'm working hard to get this done. I think I'll head back to the gallery to work more in a little bit. If you'll be in the area July 11th or 12th stop by downtown Los Altos and see me.


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