Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fluffy Coffee and a wheel change

"Fluffy Coffee"
9x6 coffee and ink on paper

This is Fluffy, the dog owned by James the mechanic in Sunnyvale, CA. What a super sweet dog. We met them because when we rolled into town our van was making some strange noises, and so we stopped in Precision Auto Tune to have it looked at.

Turns out it needed a little work but right after we left the shop a guy stopped us and asked to buy our van. Long story short we sold it to him this morning.

Here's a picture from our trip down when we got a flat tire outside of Pleasant Valley. The flat ended up costing us about $550 because the tire place didn't have a matching tire in stock. Enjoy the new tires new owner.

I miss the VW already but it just wasn't large enough for all my art show displays, artwork, and Corrine and I to sleep in when filled. So instead of driving around looking like mid 80's hippies, we'll be rolling in a '96 Chevy Suburban. Looking like we have a family of soccer players.

I guess we could teach Zephyr and Bettini to play soccer.


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