Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sketch of work to come

"Tule Sketch"

ink on paper

This is a composite based on two different pictures a client sent for me to create a painting from. One photo has Tule in a field of tall grasses and the other she's on a boat. The tall grass obscure some of her body and face, but it's a nicer setting than the boat. The boat picture shows more of her features and so that where the pose comes from.

The background will be more suggestion versus reality. Something I'll looking forward to creating.

I almost forgot. I'm showing at the Northwest Crossing Saturday Market on Sat. Aug 1st from 10-2 and then I'll be at "The Dog Show" opening reception, that evening, at Sisters Artworks from 4-7 pm. 204 W. Adams St. Sisters OR. I made gluten free brownies for the occasion.


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