Friday, November 28, 2008

Fox and the Coffee Hound

"Fox and the Coffee Hounds"

9x6 coffee and ink on paper
$25 unframed $5 for shipping in US
E-mailme to purchase

Sorry for the brief break from daily painting. My wife and I were the race directors for our town's first ever Turkey Trot 5k. It was a huge success and we couldn't have been happier with how it all went. So for the days leading up to Thanksgiving, I was either working on race details or painting commissions.

Todays, painting is based on a photo I saw on the internet of a group of fox hounds preparing for a hunt with a fox hidden amongst them.

When I lived in upstate NY we had a family of fox in our yard. The pups played together just like dogs would. The instant our sliding door would open so we could watch them more closely, they'd be down their fox hole in a flash. So we learned to watch from behind the glass.


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