Saturday, November 15, 2008

Coffee Hound 01

"Coffee Hound 01"

coffee and ink on paper
6x9 unframed
$25 plus $5 shipping in the US

This is the first in a series of paintings I'll be doing called "Coffee Hounds". The idea is to create a painting almost every day using coffee.

I was first introduced to painting with coffee by artist Elanor King. She did all types of painting, but the ones I liked best were her coffee and ink.

The term coffee hound comes from a couple of coffee mugs my wife and I picked up at an antique store in Delhi, NY. The cups have completely different pictures on them, but they both say "Coffee Hound" on the front. Then on the inside there's a scale based on how much you like coffee. The scale goes like this: kids stuff, weak sister, half cupper, coffee lover, and finally Coffee Hound. And if you hadn't already guessed they're really big cups.

Note: the dog in this painting is our dog Bettini.

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