Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Coffee Yellow

"Coffee Yellow"

6x9 unframed
coffee and ink on paper
$25 plus $5 shipping in the US

Sorry I missed posting yesterday. I was busy working on commissions instead. So, I was painting, but not with coffee.

This yellow lab is one I met in Portland, OR. I like this picture because it's such a classic dog expression. Curiosity and longing all wrapped up in the same look.

I've changed my technique since the first coffee hound. The way I create these paintings now is to use the coffee first, and then I go back into it with the ink. I found that when I drew with ink first the coffee would make it bleed. It'll be interesting to see what else changes over time.



Kelsey said...

I love this one.....I grew up with a yellow lab, Molly. She probably looked like this for a brief time. But her day job was finding good food so she got much wider. We had a small woods in our back yard which our neighbors would visit weekly to find their dishes. Molly was so talented, she could pick up a dog bowl and walk it to our back yard, unspilled, where she would dine in peace. I witnessed her doing this, strong jaw and careful gait. Our neighbors loved her so they got a kick out of the whole thing. Plus, this was in the 50's/60's when neighborhoods were a community of friends and we could let our "familiars" wander at large, children included. A good time to grow up. Once, however, Molly ate a Thanksgiving turkey that our next door neighbor had cooling in her garage, so Molly wasn't in her good graces for maybe 24hrs. And once my mother had painstakingly baked dozens of Christmas cookies, a huge variety, beautifully decorated, and Molly wedged open the lower cupboards where they were stored and dined all night. What memories. She was my first canine love.

Sandy said...

I love this one...but not enuf brown!!