Friday, November 14, 2008

1st Entry

Hi I'm dog artist Brian Vegter, but you can call me Bri.

When I started paintings dogs in 2003, my home was in New York City. It was the perfect place to restart my art career. Spending hours everyday at the Washington Square Park Dog Run provided me with many subjects and inspiration.

The thing I love best about dogs as subjects is their expressive faces, as animals I love their loyalty, companionship, and never ending affection for us humans. When I depict them I use as many bold colors as possible to express the individual personality and movements in my subjects.

In the years I’ve been painting I’ve been featured on Animal Planet, in The Bark magazine, The New York Dog, and graced to covers and pages of regional newspapers around the country.

My dogs, Zephyr, a fox hound mix, started life in NYC and Bettini, a jack russell, is from Ohio. They’ve been with me to just about every city I’ve shown in NYC, Chicago, Portland, Los Altos, CA., and Miami, FL. They are also often the subjects in my paintings.

My wife Corrine, a tremendous ceramics artist, the dogs and I now live in Baker City, OR. Home to a wonderful arts community and unparalleled beauty. Besides creating unique dog paintings for customers around the country, I spend my free time training and racing long course triathlons. The dogs like running with me, but they love swimming more than anything, so whenever I can I head out to the lakes in the area with them.

I hope you enjoy my paintings as much as I enjoy creating them. Commissions are always welcome, there isn’t a dog I can’t paint. I love them all.

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Kelsey said...

I enjoyed reading about your passion in creating your art and to get a clue as to what goes in to it, because it is truly wonderful. I have had the advantage of seeing your work in person, and the colors are even more stunning than on my computer anyone who is viewing Brian's work, know that. Hey, I'm honored to be your first stalker (I mean follower). You and Corrine are inspirations. Thanks.