Friday, November 21, 2008

Chicago Style

"Chicago Style"

6x9 coffee and ink on paper
$25 unframed $5 for shipping in US

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I've lived in a bunch of different cities around the US and I find it funny how in each one the normal way to have coffee varies.

In NY it's light and sweet, Chicago it's black, and in the Pacific Northwest cappuccinos are dry or wet, depending on the Barista. I like mine the way they make them in Italy. WET!

But enough about coffee. The reason there is no ink on this
coffee hound series is to make the most out of the brush stroke. The more I can convey the dog without ink the better. Some paintings will have ink others won't.


Note: My friend, artist, Tom Novak made the suggestion to leave this one without ink. I'm really glad I took his advice


Kelsey said...

I love it a lot.

Sandy said...

This is the right lab look!!