Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chicken Dot

"Chicken Dot"

3.5"x5" acrylic on wood
$50 unframed plus $5 for shipping in the US to purchase

Done. Need I say more. Okay I will.

I didn't think I'd have the energy to finish this piece today, because I spent the morning volunteering at the food co-op, and then came home to finish the pottery Corrine taught me to make on Monday, followed by a training ride. Straight off the bike to packing the Suburban for the farmers market, which was good again. Home, then out to dinner at Paizano's Pizza, we took a little detour to tour an Aloha trailer. Super cool.

Once we got home around 9:30 PM I sat in the studio for a half hour and finished up Chicken Breath here. Probably, no painting tomorrow since we're making a trip to Boise.


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