Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tule installment 11

"Tule in the Field"
(in progress)

24x18 acrylic on canvas

I spent about an hour painting today. I'm at the point where I'm just about done, but still need feedback from the client make "final touches" decisions. It's a part I really like and I'm always nervous about too. Not because of the clients input by any means but because of what I bring to the input. I'm no exception to the sensitive artist stereo type, but I think I hide it pretty well. Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have written that?

For me it's always a question of "Am I understanding them correctly?" When they say "Go lighter" will I go light enough, or if it's "straighten out the ears" what do they mean exactly? Sometimes I just sit in front of the canvas asking the painting and the photograph I'm working from what I should do. Staring at what I've done so far and what I could do to make it even more like the dog I'm painting. What element of the dogs soul is missing and how to make the paint express it.

Right now I think it's her eyes and her legs that I need to add a little paint to. Plus I'm open for input.


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