Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lily of the Lake

"Lily of the Lake"
(in progress)

7x5 acrylic on canvas

This a new commission I started today of a dog named Lily. She loves being on the water so I'm working from a photo of her and her owner in a kayak. The finished painting will just have Lily in it.

Right now I don't have the proportions of Lily quiet right. She's not as fat as I have her painted by any means and it's the main thing I need to change. When I painted the lake water I should have gone all the way across, but I stopped short where I thought I'd be placing Lily. This caused me to get the proportions off a little. Nothing a little paint can't fix.

I also started a self portrait today. Tomorrow I'll be posting the progress on that if there's anything worth showing.


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