Sunday, September 6, 2009

Onto painting Tule

"Tule in the Field"
(in progress)

24x18 acrylic on canvas

I spent the morning with Corrine running around Union County, OR. We picked up an old washing machine, the kind with a hand crank for ringing out the wet clothes, that we plan to turn into a planter. Then we went to Edge Gallery and Coffee Shop in La Grande. Pete Peterson who owns and runs the place had some very inspiring works. You may see some NYC night scenes from me because of our visit there. Of course they'll have dogs in them.

After the fun morning out in there, I went into the Short Term Gallery to get some work done. I spent most of the day making adjustments to Tule's nose and right eye. It's one of the things I love about acrylic paint, I can go back and make changes whenever I want. I also spent time shading and making tonal changes to the rest of Tule's head. It might seem as if the painting is moving backwards, but really it's moving forward.


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