Saturday, January 10, 2009

Too Much Coffee

"Too Much Coffee"

9x6 coffee and ink on paper
$25 unframed $5 for shipping in the US to purchase

This painting is based on a photo of our dog Bettini on a day when she was feeling very sick. We had put her outside with her pillow till she stopped throwing up.

She just sat there on the pillow looking into the house all sad. After about an hour she felt better and came back in. It was much easier to hose off the patio than it was to following her around the house, she's really quite when she pukes.

Oh, by the way, she hadn't gotten sick from coffee.



Sandy said...

Gee, I suppose it was all the bran muffins we let her eat!!

Dogs by Bri said...

Unless you guys were slipping them to her on the side, Zephyr was the one I saw get any bran.