Saturday, January 31, 2009

Black Eared Tile

"Black Ear"

6.5"x6.5" image transfer on ceramic tile
$35 plus $10 shipping in the US to purchase

So here's one of the first image transfer pieces my wife and I created. We did it using a laser decal of a drawing I had done. The image is transfered onto a glaze fired tile and then put back into the kiln for a third firing. This firing reaches 1745 degrees and burns the toner of the decal into the clay.

This piece can be hung on the wall or used as a trivet.

We'll be making more of these for sure because it a fun way for us to work together.


Coffee Messiah said...

Working together is good, isn't it.

A nice looking tile and like the color ; )


Dogs by Bri said...

Thanks. It's true working together is great. I love trying out new avenues of creativity. And if involves dog art I'm even more pleased.