Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ray of Hope

"Ray of Hope"

6x6 acrylic on canvas
$125 plus $5 shipping in the US to purchase

What a great day Tuesday was for America and the world.

On Nov. 5th it seemed to me like a new world already. For the first time in my life I ran out of gas. It's a long story as to how it happened, so here's how it ended up.

My wife and I didn't even have to wait for help. The moment our VW lost power I was able to pull to the bottom of an off ramp just outside Portland. A man who worked at an auto repair place pulled off behind us and gave us a lift to a gas station and then drove us back to the van. 15 minutes or less and we were back on the road to Baker.

I believe that if people are the change they wish to see in the world, there will be true meaning to the words President Obama speaks.

Now to this painting. Our dog Bettini, like many dogs, loves to lie in the sun no matter how small that ray of sunshine is. This is the view from our kitchen into my studio. Sometimes the sunlight is only on the door frame on the inside the studio, so she sits eyes closed against the wall, just so she can bask in the light.



Coffee Messiah said...

Nice story and very true.

Hopefully something positive will finally come from all the hatred of the past 8 yrs or so.


Dogs by Bri said...

I couldn't agree more. We all need a little positive for a change. A cup of coffee would help too.