Monday, November 15, 2010

Hair cut, and pillow change...

"Paco in the Big Bed"
(in progress)

20"x16" acrylic on canvas

The title of the posting gives away what I did over the past few hours. I trimmed away some of Paco's right ear, and darkened the pillow cases to push them further away into the background.

Sitting back and looking at it now, I think they still need to go darker, but I'll decide tomorrow.

I may not get to painting tomorrow because Corrine and I are heading to LaGrande to see the "Season's Fair" show at the Nightingale Gallery. When we were out of town at Wildfire in Bend, I was awarded Best in Show at the opening there. So I wanted see the show before it comes down on Thursday. It's a real honor to be awarded something like that. The painting was "Zephyr's 1st Ride".


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