Friday, November 19, 2010

Look what's back there...

"Paco in the Big Bed"
(in progress)

20"x16" acrylic on canvas

I had a wonderful day talking painting, and technique with artist Katherine Treffinger. She inspired me to try abstract backgrounds as I've blogged about recently, and today she graciously opened her studio to share how she works.

The use of a color wheel was the second best piece of advice she gave me. The best was to let go of the parts of a painting that seems precious. It's a great reminder that Corrine was taught in pottery, and she shared with me several years ago. She even used it in the classes she's taught. After creating a well formed bowl or vessel she'll just smash it in front of her students.

The lesson is that if we aren't open to pushing a form to it's limits, we'll never grow or develop our abilities.

So after dinner I got into the studio and put what I think to be the finishing touches on the background. I was even able to put some paint on Paco's forehead. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.


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