Friday, August 21, 2009

Working with Tule...

"Tule in the Field"
(in progress)

24x18 acrylic on canvas

I think I've got the grass where I want it. I may come back to sections of it before all is said and done, or it may remain this way until eternity. Only time and my creative taste will tell. I find now that I have a harder time letting backgrounds go than I used too. I think it's because as my techniques have changed/improved I want to paint more realistically even when my goal is abstract.

This picture doesn't quite capture the colors I've chosen but I think it gives a pretty good feel for the form of Tule. The blacks are much more rich and the hints of purple are a little more subtle. That's the problem with available light from fluorescent tubes.

There should be a lot more progress on Tule by Sunday night because I'll be at Short Term Gallery all day and I love the book I'm listening to. It's "Beat the Reaper" by Josh Bazell. If they made graphic novels into audio books I think they would read like this one.


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