Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Luka Waits on Red

"Luka Waits on Red"

6x12 acrylic on canvas

This is a commission I painted about two years ago that was recently damaged by a contractor during a remodel project. There was a scratch arching across the lower part of the canvas. So to fix it I sanded down the affected area and then added acrylic medium in an effort to level the surface again. Sanded again and then added red back to it.

It worked to a degree. I would have liked it to have worked better. This scan doesn't show it off, which is good I guess, but when I'm really looking for it and in certain light I can still see it. The problem with sanding the paint down is that eventually I would start to sand away the fabric of the canvas. Then I'd be in a worse state.

The only thing left to do is re-sign it.

If I get my Baker Loves Bikes paperwork done tomorrow before the board meeting I should be able to show some progress on the Tule painting. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Also we're showing "Inspirations" by Michael Apted at the Eltrym. There will be a panel discussion with local artists starting at 6:30 PM. Hope to see you there.


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