Friday, March 27, 2009

Small CBGB's change

"CBGB's Bettini"
(in progress)
18x24 acrylic on canvas

I received an e-mail from the art dept. at NY Spaces magazine asking about using this painting in an article they're publishing about "punk". Sure I said, but it's not done. Being that they are on a deadline and they like the way it looks now it will probably run as is. If I'm lucky and they don't go to press until Monday morning, I'll crank this thing out over the weekend.

When I did a web search to see how they found my image, I wasn't able to find it even after 40 pages of CBGB's images. I did see a ton of pictures of Patti Smith, who lived across the street from us in NYC. She even cut in front of me at the corner bodega one evening. I guess she really was hungry for the honey she had or something. I had a basket full, so I let it slide. Cool eh?



Katherine said...

Brian I like this painting, looks done to me? Nice seeing you last night. Kirby pulled us out. I'll see you next Friday, that's plan anyhow.

Dogs by Bri said...

Thanks katherine,

Finished work was a topic of conversation last night after you guys left. Maybe I'll blog my thoughts about it today.

Good to see you guys last night too.


Coffee Messiah said...

I agree, looks good as is.

Kudos, and I hope PS apologized ; )

Don Gray said...

Congrats on the NY Spaces article, Bri. It was good to see you at the gathering--thanks for coming.

Dogs by Bri said...

Thanks Michael,

PS did apologize. A very gracious rock star.


Dogs by Bri said...


I had a great time the other night and look forward to the next one. I enjoyed listening and will add my opinions to the mix next time.