Monday, March 9, 2009

Dinning Room Lounge cont...

"Dinning Room Lounge"
(in progress)

10x8 acrylic on canvas
$200 plus $6 for shipping in the US to purchase

My wife came into the studio tonight and said "Wow that's a lot of brown."

True enough, but it sure does make painting light and shadow that much more important. Everything is very subtle and so a little light pigment here or darker pigment there will make all the difference.

I once had a school project where the object was to work from pure white to pure black. The approach we used was to add a single drop of black, mix, then paint that tone into a square. I think there were something like 30 squares. Then once we had the gray scale finished we had to break it down into 7 or 8 squares that showed just the subtlest of changes, going from white to black.

Ah art school projects, you learn from them, but rarely are they any fun.


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