Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Otto makes a splash...

Otto Two Stick
(in progress)
10"x8" acrylic on canvas

While I was hoping to finish this painting yesterday, it just didn't happen. What did happen was a lot of boring accounting from this past weekends Outta the Box Bazaar. I spent all day chasing $145 cash, that I was never going to find because of an error in the placement of cash vs. credit cards on our check out sheets.

I eventually figured out where it had gone, but by that time I had to get ready to teach my spin class at the Y. Great workout, and I can feel my strength returning to my left leg. Yeah. I went a little to hard during one of the sprints and had a very sore glut afterwards.

Now to the painting. I have learned that there are times through out the year when I find it more desirable to paint, and times when I need breaks from it. Lately though, I've been wanting to paint more than anything, and not because of the fractured foot, but because I enjoy it more than anything. While I still do a bunch of things to pay the bills, painting being the lion share of the income, I find I'd be more willing to stay up late painting and skip the couch and hulu. I still love all the other stuff I'm involved in, but now more than ever painting is the most important thing.

It's helpful that Corrine is the same way with her work. In fact when I came home from Short Term she had just turned the light off in her studio. It was 11 PM.


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