Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Digby begins...

(in progress)
18"x14" acrylic on canvas

Here's the start of my new painting of Digby. What a beautiful dogs she was. I keep imagining her with a big grin on her face on a hot summer day in Baker.

While in this picture she's all calm and resting, I can just she her romping around in the grass like all dogs love to do.

I spent more time than I thought was necessary drawing her on the canvas, which is not my usual way of painting. I wanted to make sure that she fit on there the way I had sketched her. However, every time I put chalk to canvas, she'd either be to big or to small. After my third attempt, I went back to my usual paint directly on the canvas, and what you see here is the result of that technique.

Can't wait to see what develops today.



Painter Lady said...

You must take great joy in seeing your doggie friends coming to life on the canvas. I sure enjoy watching the process. :) Marcie

Dogs by Bri said...

Thanks Marcie,

I truly do love bringing them to life. I took only time to make coffee and a bowl of soup while at the gallery today. The rest was spent painting, & helping the few gallery goers we had today.