Sunday, September 18, 2011

Structure continued...

"Form Strategic Partnerships"
(in progress)
18"x36" acrylic on canvas
$4500 US dollars plus shipping

I spent most of the afternoon painting, and much to my amazement I like the progress, but I know not much of it shows. I'm continuing to enjoy this painting and the process of the whole thing.

One thing that I've found on larger works like this, I'm very appreciative of Golden Open paint, and  my friend Don recommending I try it. It truly makes a big difference in my ability to control light. Even when I add straight black to the tone already on the canvas, it just makes the subtlest change.

It's not without it's issues, or I should say I have to adjust where I paint. I got some wet paint on my reference photo, because I was moving it around to paint a lower corner of the picture, and the Open was still wet. I must remember, left to right, top to bottom.


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