Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Billboards are coming...

"Form Strategic Partnerships"
(in progress)
18"x36" acrylic on canvas
$4500 US dollars plus shipping

So I started the first in my Billboard series over the weekend, while teaching an acrylic painting workshop, just outside of John Day. I had a lot of fun teaching it too.

The idea came to me when I saw a Banana Republic ad in a New Yorker. The ad depicts a  woman with a hand bag large enough for a small dog, which happens to be a Jack Russell. The tag line is "Form Strategic Partnerships" So I used a photo from our days in NYC and created a picture in a picture.

Once I'm done with this one I'm going to need more billboard reference photos, so I think I'll be contacting my friends in the big cities, since we don't have to many billboards out here in Baker City.


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