Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lights in the windows...

"Form Strategic Partnerships"
(in progress)
18"x36" acrylic on canvas
$4500 US dollars plus shipping

I painted upside down again, to a very happy result. Well, almost. There are correction to the window frames in the Graphic Arts Building that need to be done. I also noticed that the details of the brick work above the arched window are slightly off.

I thought that they were off yesterday while painting, but after staring at them for several hours straight I couldn't put my finger on what was wrong. Now I can tell they're converging to a different vanishing point than the rest of the lines of the buildings'.

My favorite thing is still the light coming from the windows.

Tomorrow Oregon Art Beat will show up and I get to talk all about my process with them. Corrine will be featured as well. Should be fun, and quite the honor as well. I'll keep you posted as to when it will air.



Marcie said...

Good luck you two. I'll be thinking of you. :)

Dogs by Bri said...

Thanks Marcie. Should be fun. Bri-

Don Gray said...

Oregon Art Beat--fantastic and congratulations, you two! Hope it went well--let us know when the air times are...want to witness when "a star/s is born"!

Dogs by Bri said...

Thanks Don. Hope to see you next week at studio tours and tell you all about it. It was really fun.