Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lollypop Zephyr

"Lollypop Zephyr"

3.5"x5" acrylic on wood
$50 unframed plus $5 for shipping in the US to purchase

I've always been a fan of pop art and it may not always show up in the work I do. Here however, it's hard to miss.

I'm so happy to have found a new medium of sorts, in wood as canvas, and love the speed at which I can create a painting. Now it just needs to dry a little more and I'll add a coat of acrylic varnish.



Leslie Sealey said...

I love the backgrounds you are using in your dog paintings! It give them a fun, modern feeling. Nice work!

Dogs by Bri said...

Hi Leslie,

Thanks. It's been refreshing to do these new pieces, and it's great to hear from people who like them too.