Monday, July 19, 2010

Buddy Dot

"Buddy Dot"

3.5"x5" acrylic on wood

I've been so good at painting lately, I guess I could go back to the "Dog Painting a Day" name for the blog. I won't get ahead of myself though.

This is my friends dog Buddy. He's a super sweet guy, and I hope that shows through in this picture. His owner loves his tail, so I chose a picture that showed a wisp of it.

This one took a little longer than the others I had done, because there was more texture on the board, making the brush behave differently. It turned out great even with that extra texture.



Kelsey said...

We love Buddy's picture, really love it. You captured him better than a photo wouldn't it look great in Iris, whose curtains have the same theme of dots????

Dogs by Bri said...

Thanks Kelsey, I think he's going to look great in Iris.


p.s. he's a great subject and so that made it easy to capture his essence.