Friday, May 22, 2009

Fits and Starts...

"Downward Emmett"
(in progress)

12x24 acrylic on canvas

I never got to painting yesterday, but today had some quality time with Emmett. Did I have as much time as I'd like. NO. Between doing laundry and other errands run to be ready for this weekends training camp, I worked in fits and starts.

I doubt there will be a posting tomorrow because the Bella team will be doing a 90+ mile training ride, covering the roads the Elkhorn Classic will follow on day 1 of the race. Want to join us? Sunday the short day, 30-40 miles I should be able to get some painting done. Need/want to get some painting done, but Monday will be 100+ miles so no posting that day.

I'll be back in force on Tuesday. Maybe a little sore, but hey come race day it'll be worth it.


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