Sunday, May 10, 2009

Emmett continued

"Downward Emmett"
(in progress)

12x24 acrylic on canvas

Corrine is doing better, but sore and tired, and a little helpless. Learning to do everything left handed is trickier than you'd think.

I did about an hour of painting today after helping out the patient, running errands, cooking and all the stuff she deserves. I can't complain because I got a nice bike ride in on one of the nicest days of this spring.

I love the tones that are starting to show up in Emmit and just after taking the picture I see the need to adjust the spacing between his eyes. The tones of his fur are exactly what I'm going for and can't wait to add more paint to the canvas.

Happy Mother's Day everyone.



Don Gray said...

Sorry to hear about the wreck. Get well quick, Corrine!

I like the start on this painting, Bri!

Dogs by Bri said...

Thanks Don,

Hope you're feeling better yourself. This painting is a great one to work on. It's got just the right amount of perspective challenges to make it interesting and fun.

I was really happy to get Emmit to pose for me like that.


Coffee Messiah said...

Sorry to hear......hope she gets better soon!

Can't imagine being a lefty, not that there's anything wrong with being one of course ; )

Our best 2 U both!

Dogs by Bri said...

Thanks CM and L,

I'll send you some pictures soon.