Friday, December 5, 2008

Espresso Lab

"Espresso Lab"

6x9 coffee and ink on paper
$25 unframed $5 shipping in the US

I've taken a little break from coffee hounds, because of my commission work. This is the first new one in about three days.

I brewed a shot of espresso each except one that ended up unused. What a waste of that beautiful elixir, eh?

Well, back to the big acrylic paintings now. I prepped two canvases today and will continue to post new commission updates, so stay tuned.

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Kelsey said...

Outstanding I just love it. I tried to email you using the connection and got a message that my email dealie was not set up. Hmmmmm. See you at the parade tonight. Good work on labs. I think I have to have one.