Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chihuahua in progress...

"Spot the Chihuahua"

7"x5" acrylic on canvas

It was cloudy off and on today here in Baker, which didn't really put me in the mood to paint. I did though, as you can see. This is a new commission that is due by Tuesday the 12th. I'm under the gun a little even if the weather isn't that conducive to painting.

I think too, that when I have several pieces going at the same time, I'm torn between which I want to work on. There isn't a painting that's in progress in the studio right now that I'd rather be working on. I want to work on all of them, and that does seem to cause a little creative block. There are four canvases that have something that's partly created on it. I could say five, because there is one from several months ago, that is only several hours, if that, from being completed.

I think the other problem is the audiobook I'm listening to. It's all short stories and most of them have unhappy endings. I actually think I'll just quit listening to it and start a new one.

Maybe tomorrow will find me with a finished painting.


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