Wednesday, April 21, 2010


"Ideas for Staycation"
ink on paper

I think that the break I took from painting had only one advantage. I've gotten a little better at doing graphic design. The big problem I see, is that I'm having a hard time choosing what to do.

For the past 7 years I've pretty much being painting and drawing what I wanted, and that description includes commissioned works. When I started something it was always a painting I could see in my mind, even when working with a client. Since I spent the past four months working solely for someone else, not always doing what I wanted to. Oh boo hoo for me right?

Now I'm having a hard time deciding what I want to do. What style, modern or traditional? What dogs, mine or others in my collection of photographs? What sizes, big or small?

I better decide soon, because I have a show that opens on July 2nd.



Coffee Messiah said...

I like this........I'd create, what makes you itch.

Must say, I was surprised to see something a little different here.

When I left home and met my street artist friends (SF, early '70s) one friend started out drawing b/w victorian homes, and wondered why just these. At the time, they sold to the tourists.

What is she doing now? Clay sculpture and teaching it also.

Go for it ; )

Cheers 2 U both!

Dogs by Bri said...

Thanks Michael.

I figure it's better to post something no matter what state it's in. Finished, unfinished. Realized, unrealized.

Just keeping the creative juices flowing.