Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lake side sketches...

"Lakeside Assata"
pen and ink on paper

So I quietly celebrated the one year anniversary of my blog over the weekend. I didn't do a posting, shame on me I know, but it's because I was out of town. Corrine was part of the Wildfire Ceramic Showcase in Bend, OR and I took part in a swim meet there.

We both came away as winners. I won the 200M butterfly in my age group and she won "Best of Show" in the sculpture division. I still can't get her to tell me whether or not she voted for herself. I always tell her she's supposed to, but I never know if she does. We artists are a funny breed.

These images here are for a new commission I'll be starting this week. Tomorrow is my goal. I'm really looking forward to the colors I'll be using in the black fur and the water in the background.

Stay tuned, there's so much to see in the New Blog Year.

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