Monday, October 12, 2009

Restful Dexter

"Restful Dexter"
(in progress)
12x12 acrylic on canvas

Dexter belongs to a friend of ours and I'm lucky enough to be trading this painting for a mosaic bird bath that she made. This happens to be from one of her favorite pictures of Dexter.

Right now I think he looks to wide awake for the title I've chosen, so I'll need to make some adjustments to his eyes to give the sense of a tired little guy.

I've also made some creative improvements on the photograph. He's resting on cream colored sheets in the photo and the white section of the comforter is striped, but I don't think I'll be duplicating that.

There will be a little time in between when you see this one again because tomorrow I'll be starting another commission, so Dexter will be sitting on the wall of my studio waiting for final brushstrokes. Sorry Andrea.


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