Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Finished Dee Dee, maybe...

"Modern Dee Dee"
(in progress)
24x12 acrylic on canvas

Here's what I think is a finished painting waiting to have a signature placed artfully on it. I think that my client feels the same way, but I haven't heard for sure.

One thing I love about this painting is all the color I was able to use in creating Dee Dee. White/Gray dogs, and even black for that matter, give me such creative freedom. I do what I see and I add where I think something needs a little flare. I'm really going to miss seeing Dee Dee everyday on my easel. Oh well, at least I have photos to remember her by. Plus, she's going to a great home.



Don Gray said...

Looks great, Bri. I like all the color you found in that white.

Dogs by Bri said...

Blogger Dogs by Bri said...

I think I've said this in my posting, but I just love Black and White fur because there is so much color in there.