Saturday, January 7, 2012

Almost Digby...

(in progress)
18"x14" acrylic on canvas

She's almost all there. I spent most of the day working on Digby's paws, which is more of a task than you might think.

Since, Digby has pasted on, I'm working from a photo that doesn't contain her paws or parts of her front legs, but they are in the painting. In order to make this work I'm using four different pictures of Digby to get the right feel and tones in her paws, but none of those photos are from the same angle as the main reference image. So, I took a picture of our dog Zephyr in almost the same pose as Digby.

Zephyr however is considerably smaller than she was, and he's different colors too. I have to keep reminding myself which are the colors I need to work from, and it's not the ones in the picture of Zephyr.

The paw in front needs to be lighter, and then I think a signature will be in order.


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