Thursday, October 27, 2011

Return to Buckshot

"Buckshot Splatter"
(in progress)
18"x24" acrylic on canvas
$1800 US dollars plus shipping

We returned home from our Airstream/mountain bike fueled adventures a week ago. I've spent time off and on with Buckshot since then, but this is the most significant progress worth posting.

The trip was great fun, but it's nice to be back in the studio for sure. I had brought a couple of canvases with to paint while on the trip, but I never found time in the day to make any artwork happen. I guess I was having to much fun.



Painter Lady said...

I saw this at the gallery the other night Bri and really liked what you're doing with and around the dog. :)

Dogs by Bri said...

Thanks Marcie. Next time you're in town you'll have to see the finished painting.