Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Maggie appears...

"Maggie and the Dandelions"
(in progress)
12"x12" acrylic on canvas

I decided to try something a little different, because of the abstract background there is no room for error when adding the dog. My friend tom always sketches out his paintings using white chalk on black canvas, and I thought that would work for me too.

It did and it didn't. The chalk works great because it's easily washed away while painting, or if I make an error in proportion, a little water and the line is gone. However, using it on this background, I had a hard time seeing where I made my marks. So, I picked up a small paint brush and here's the results of several hours of work.

I'm looking forward to working on Maggie again tomorrow. I'm also working on another commissions abstract background that's turning out pretty cool. I might be posting the progress on these two paintings off and on the next few weeks.


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