Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How'd it turn out? Well...

"PDX Spring Night"
(in progress)
36"x18" acrylic on canvas

I got asked today how the painting of the bridge turned out and I wish that I could have answered "Great", but it's still in process. I know it will turn out great, just not by tomorrow.

The bridge is coming into view, and the building on the west side of the river are coming along nicely. It's just taking it's sweet time to come together, that and I'm busy making sure I get all the details right.

For such a big canvas, I'm using a pretty small brush right now.

I was hoping too, to get started on a new dog commission, but discovered that I'm out of stock on the canvas size I'm going to paint, so it's going to be more bridge painting for the next week, before anyone sees anything else. Including me.


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