Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Start of a bridge...

"PDX Spring Night"
(in progress)
36"x18" acrylic on canvas

Here's the start of a new commission, that features the Hawthorne Bridge in Portland, OR. I love what's happening so far, but see there's way more that will be added to the sky, before any of the buildings in the skyline will come to life.

I should also mention that there will not be a dog in this painting. I guess I should have told you all to sit down before I wrote that last line, but it was already typed. If I start doing more of this kind of painting, I'm sure to create a blog dedicated to non-dog paintings.



Kelsey said...

How about a cat on the bridge? I think our Sunny would be a perfect model.

Dogs by Bri said...

Hi Kelsey,

I think Sunny should be painted by Jimmy.

See you on Friday night.