Thursday, December 3, 2009

1 1/2 hours plus a little change...

"Lakeside Assata"
(in progress)

10"x8" acrylic on canvas

Here's the most recent picture of progress on Assata. I'm busy balancing the things I need to do, the things I want to do, and the things I feel obligated to do, so I'm getting about an hour and a half of work done a day.

Today's painting was the most satisfying of all my energy used. Second was swimming. The physical activity makes it possible to do all the other stuff in my life. I think if I had found swimming earlier in life, I might be doing something else with myself, but since there are no time machines and this is the life I have, I split my energies in all sorts of ways.

So which of all of the activities that I do keeps me the most sane? I'll just say it depends on the day. Some days it's the endurance sports and others it's the creative outlets. It's a delicate balance. It's a wonder I maintain any sanity at all with all the volunteer stuff I find myself doing.

On to the painting now. I'm using a mixture of Golden Open and regular acrylic again. I love the way I'm able to blend the black with the blues and browns. This painting is turning out great.


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